Rubber Roller

Various types of rollers manufacturer Conpaptex, we have been manufacturing and exporting Rubber Roller. Different types of Rubber Roller for various types of machines and client’s requirement. Rubber Rollers per custom requirement and unique requirement as well as standard need per industries. Rubber Roller like, Silicon Rubber Roller, EPDM Roller, Nitril Rubber, Pinch Roller, PU Roller, Metal Expander Roller, Ebonite Roller and Rubber Rollers with Natural Rubber. Rubber Rollers with different types of coating and hardness. Rubber Roller for different types of Industries like, Textile, Paper, Flexible Packaging.

Sizes: Diameter up to 750 mm

Length: Up to 9000 mm

Roll Coating Chart:

Type of


Natural Rubber Nitril Rubber Neopree Rubber Hypolone Rubber Silicon Rubber Ebonite Rubber
Hardness 35 – 85 30 – 95 40 – 95 40 – 80 35 – 75 100

Manufacturing Process

  1. Giving appropriate hardness depending on type of printing
  2. Wide range of coating to counter chemical / solvent effort.
  3. Outstanding rubber surface finish without porosity.
  4. Uniform hardness all over surface within = 1 shore -A- variation.
  5. No run out on finished diameter with reference to bearing size.

Advantages of our Printing / Lamination Rollers

  • Best Printing Result
  • Maximum Color Registration
  • Minimum or No Chemical effect
  • Anti-Static

Information Required for Offer:

  1. M.S. Shell Diameter
  2. Thickness of M. S. Shell.
  3. Rubber Finished Diameter and Rubber Hardness face Length of the Roll.
  4. Fixed Shaft Roll  (or)
  5. Hollow Roll ( Ball Bearing Are Fitted Inside Both Side of The Face Ends)
  6. Total Length of the Roll with Both Side Shafts.
  7. Shaft Diameters/Keyways/Bearing Sizes/
  8. Rubber To Be Used / Rubber Hardness Required.( With +- 5 Shore A)
  9. Chemical Resistance/Abrasion Resistance/Temperature Resistance.
  10. Machine / Location And Application of The Roll Like Guide Rolls, Nip Rolls, Pressure Rolls, and Squeeze Roll Etc.

Rubber Roller

Textile Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller Manufacturer

Rubber Rolls are manufactured for all the applications in Textile Industry.

Highly heat & abrasion resistance rubber coating compounding used, excellent bonding on face length & side coating, specialized cambering on high-tech automated CNC machine

We also recoat, Grind your existing old & imported Rubber Rollers.

 Size:  Diameter Up To 600 mm

Length: Up To 9000 mm

Application: All the entire Textile Processing Application

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Chemical Bonding is done only to increase Shell’s Life.
  2. No Ebonite Layer in between Shell & Rubber.
  3. Uniform hardness on over all surface of Roller.
  4. Excellent Bonding result.
  5. No damage on side coating.
  6. Highly abrasion resistance property.
  7. Highly Heat Resistance Rubber property.
  8. Excellent Nipping Result

We undertake Repairing & Servicing Jobs of all types of your Old or Imported Rubber Rolls for Length Cutting, Grinding, Recoating, Complete Overhauling, etc. We refurbish your old Roll and make it like complete new Roll. We have separate Staff to handle old Rolls & Service it.